Arrow-Cap plus P.-Arrow

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Arrow-Cap plus P.-Arrow
Arrow-Cap plus P.-Arrow
Arrow-Cap plus P.-Arrow
Arrow-Cap plus P.-Arrow
Arrow-Cap plus P.-Arrow
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Pocket-Arrow with Arrow-Cap

Fast – Powerful – Precise

The (r)evolution of bow and arrow



Scope of delivery


  • 1 Pocket-Arrow*
  • 1 Arrow-Cap for the Pocket-Shot
  • 1 replaceable arrowhead made of stainess steel'
  • 5 Nock Covers


  • The arrow attachment can simply be screwed onto the Pocket-Shot instead of the cover cap. The integrated bristles hold the arrow centrally during insertion and shooting and at the same time protect the feathers during shooting. 
  • Our new Pocket-Arrow has been carefully handmade. It comes in 3 segments of 11 inch (27.5 cm) each. The segments are equipped with extra strong and at the same time light aluminium threads. This allows the arrow to be screwed together in seconds to its total length of 33 inch (82.5 cm). A steel tip (100 grain) is included. The Pocket-Arrow has a special fletching which starts far in front of the arrow and runs short. This protects the latex pockets to the maximum. The Pocket-Arrow has been optimised over a development phase of 6 years and perfectly matched to the Pocket-Shot system for best shooting results.
  • Our handmade Pocket-Arrow with its total length of 33 inch (82.5 cm) (without tip) can be divided into 3 equally long parts of 11 inch (27.5 cm) each. It is equipped with extra stable and at the same time light aluminium threads and can be screwed together in a few seconds. the Pocket-Arrow, which weighs less than 30 g, can be put into any pocket and can be conveniently taken anywhere.
  • With the arrow attachment you can shoot the Pocket-Arrow with your Pocket-Shot. You can completely dispense with a classic bow.
  • The Pocket-Arrow can also be shot with any conventional or self-made bow. All you have to do is remove the nock cover.
  • With the arrow attachment, you can also shoot conventional arrows with the Pocket-Shot. For this purpose, the arrow must be fitted with a nock cap, which you can purchase in our shop.
  • The arrowhead is interchangeable. This means that the Pocket-Arrow can be adapted to a wide range of applications in just a few seconds. The arrowhead supplied has a weight of 100 gn (equivalent to 6.6 g).
  • The handmade Pocket-Arrow is made of high-quality materials:

  •     Shaft made of ultra-light and at the same time very stable carbon*.
  •     Extra strong aluminium thread for connecting the arrow segments
  •     Exchangeable stainless steel tip
  •     Springing with extra long high quality springs
  • The Pocket-Arrow reaches a speed of up to 140 fps with a draw weight of approx. 28 lbs with the Red Arrow Modules. Therefore, please always handle with care.



Attention: Never pull arrow over the arrow cap into the Pocket-Shot. Otherwise there is a high risk of injury.

* Similar to illustration / hunting boadhead and Pocket-Shot not included / superficial manufacturing marks on shaft possible. These can easily be weighed away with a kitchen towel and a drop of cooking oil / nock cover and arrowhead already assembled.


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