Speedloader Cap

Speedloader Cap
Speedloader Cap
Speedloader Cap
Speedloader Cap
Speedloader Cap

Speedloader Cap*

Fast reloading for the Pocket-Shot

The round magazine for the Pocket-Shot


  • Enables you to shoot your Pocket-Shot in even faster succession
  • Reload up to 19 times without losing sight of your taget with one round magazine.
  • Unscrew the Speedloader and reload with a quick twist. It doesn't get any faster than that.
  • Speedloader round magazines themselves can also be switched very quickly by screwing.
  • The Speedloader cap is loaded with original Pocket-Shot steel ammo and is compatible with the Pocket-Shot and the Pocket-Shot Pro.**

* Scope of delivery: Speekloader cap without the pictured Pocket-Shot and without ammo. 
** not compatible with the Pocket-Shot 2.0


Продукт Примечание Статус Цена
Комплект Pocket-Shot Pro Pack Комплект Pocket-Shot Pro Pack
49,95 €
Pocket-Shot Hammer Handle Pocket-Shot Hammer Handle
49,95 €
100 оригинальных зарядов Pocket-Shot 100 оригинальных зарядов Pocket-Shot
6,95 €
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